We asked ourselves:

What if there was a company that produced ethically and sustainably made workwear and basics? That had the utmost respect for its workers and the environment, that made products with some of the highest quality fabrics available?

Little Yellow Bird was Born

We decided the time was now. 

Little Yellow Bird is on a mission to change perceptions and prove that you can do good while doing good business. Our uniforms and workwear are sustainably and ethically made, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our supply chain and change the industry.

People + Planet + Quality

We care about the people making our clothes: All our factories follow fair-trade guidelines and we monitor our supply chain from farm to factory.

Our organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Our factories use zero-waste initiates, including solar panels and rooftop gardens, and continuously work to minimise waste. 

Our high-quality garments are made from the world's best cotton. We continuously develop our products to maximise comfort and durability. Trust us, it feels amazing having chemical and pesticide free cloth against your skin! 

Little Yellow Bird - A Certified B Corp

We are proud to be the only uniform company in the world certified as a B Corp. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that while we aim to make a profit as a successful business, we don't do it at the expense of people or the planet. Instead we are actively making positive impacts on our environment. 

Our Supply Chain

At Little Yellow Bird, we ensure every step of our supply chain, from farm to factory, is run ethically and sustainably. Have a peek into the LYB production process below! 

The Leadership team


Founder / CEO

Sam is the founder and CEO of Little Yellow Bird. She is a firm a believer in the idea that business is the most effective way to support people in developing communities. She continues the fight to raise awareness and improve the garment industry.


Marketing Manager

Pepper is our marketing and media point person. Originally from Maine, U.S.A., she is passionate about social justice and utilising globalisation to create opportunities that are both sustainable and reliable.


Sales Director

Ange has long been a brilliant player in the uniform industry. This combined with her love of all things sustainable means she's a perfect fit in the LYB team. 


Office Manager

Maddy not only has a deep knowledge of fashion, patterns, and all things apparel related, she is also an organisational wizard. She whips the office into shape and keeps our operations running smoothly.


Production Manager

Suchi is our eyes and ears on the ground in India, coordinating production schedules and ensuring our orders are shipped on time. Suchi is in constant contact with all of our factories and conducts regular inspections and social audits to ensure standards are maintained.


Web Developer

Richard takes care of all things technical.
He maintains and develops the website and ordering systems. Richard enjoys getting involved in community events and in supporting youth development programs.

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