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Whose hands made your clothes?

Meet the lovely women and men that make Little Yellow Bird uniforms. We believe that everyone involved in making our uniforms should be treated fairly for the work they do. That’s why our workers receive free training, an above average salary, 24 days sick leave, 11 days of paid government holidays, transport subsidies and medical assistance.



Lalitha has grown up in the unit, having worked here since age 18. She is a confident bubbly personality and works hard to support her family.


Rebecca is our production manager and keeps everyone on target. She is a very intelligent women with a kind heart and a bright future.


Mani is our senior pattern maker and cutter and is responsible for designing our garments. He is well respected for the 30 years of knowledge he brings to the unit.


Sumitra is one of our most experienced seamstresses and is responsible for creating most of our sample products. She is recently married.


Kamakshi is a quiet and kind women, often found studying during breaks. She is responsible for ironing, sewing on buttons, and labeling.


Revathi is a recent addition to the unit and is learning quickly. She assists with sewing less complex garments and dreams of one day becoming a teacher.


Kalivani left school early due to poor health. She first joined the team by starting on a six month training course, which taught her the basics of stitching. There is now no stopping her.