Face Mask Starter Pack - Adult - Pohutukawa Print
Face Mask Starter Pack - Adult - Pohutukawa Print
Face Mask Starter Pack - Adult - Pohutukawa Print
Face Mask Starter Pack - Adult - Pohutukawa Print
$85.00 NZD

Face Mask Starter Pack - Adult - Pohutukawa Print

The Little Yellow Bird face mask pairs our signature 100% organic cotton with an innovative natural wool filter (HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology). This product is proudly made in Wellington in partnership with our local manufacturer and their team of Wellington-based machinists.

- This pack contains 2 x Adult sized masks (1 to wear and 1 to wash) + a pack of 7 HELIX.iso™ replacement filters -  

You can also download the guide to make your own mask here and purchase the filters via our website:

We want to stress that studies show wearing ANY mask does not guarantee you won't contract or transmit COVID19 to others. By creating a barrier that reduces particle spread it does however mitigate the risk you face (and potentially pose to others) in public spaces. It is most important to continue following all government guidelines including:

  • Following the social distancing 2-meter rule
  • Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially when in public
  • Isolate yourself if showing any signs of illness, or caring for someone who is unwell.

The Details:

  • 100% organic cotton outer
  • HELIX® Lanaco filter (filters 80% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size)
  • Elastics made in Levin
  • Designed to seal snugly around the face 
  • Made in New Zealand 
  • Each mask provides 10 meals for our meals for migrants program 
  • Each filter is changed according to your personal hygiene preference, it is recommended to be changed regularly to avoid cross-contamination, but should be immediately disposed of if directly coughed or sneezed upon.
  • Replacement filters require trimming to fit this mask, please use your initial filter as a guide, or the template measurements we provide.


  • This face mask provides additional protection but will not protect you from getting sick
  • This face mask is a consumer product
  • This face mask is not a respirator
  • This face mask is not a medical device
  • This face mask is not PPE certified
  • The filter had been filtration tested inhouse by filter-maker, but the face mask as a whole has not been tested
  • The filter and nose bridge wire are not washable - wire can be reinserted after washing
  • Best practice is to wash your outer after each use
  • The mask must be washed before use

    For hygiene reasons we are unable to offer returns or replacements. 

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