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Where to Buy Your Face Mask in NZ

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Where to buy your face mask in New Zealand

There are no two ways about it: the last few weeks have been an extraordinary time for pretty much everyone. With our base manufacturing team still in lockdown, requests keep coming in from you, our customers, to provide face masks for use by the general public. With that in mind, and in the interests of maximising choice through raising awareness, we’ve curated this list of all the outlets we’ve found selling face masks.


Why would one wear a face mask?

While wearing a face mask may not prevent you from catching Covid-19, growing evidence suggests that wearing one can dramatically help reduce the spread of the virus. However, it is important to note that there is still no definitive public or scientific consensus regarding the efficacy and value of masks in the battle against Covid-19. Therefore, we encourage everyone to keep themselves informed and safe by conducting their own independent research. Washing your hands and following social distancing guidelines still offer you the best protection. A mask should only ever be worn in addition to, not as a substitute for these measures.

Face masks are the cultural norm in many parts of the world, especially densely populated cities across Asia. Since the start of the outbreak, many other places have fully embraced face masks too. A growing list of countries now make it compulsory to wear masks in public, the Czech Republic, Morocco and Singapore, for example, while others such as Japan, South Korea and the US strongly encourage their use. 

Although there are definitely more masks visible on the streets than in the pre-Covid days, we are yet to establish mask wearing as a cultural norm in our little corner of the world. This may be because the Ministry of Health has not yet mandated their use, or because we have never had to deal with a health crisis of this nature on such a scale. 

Our face mask - just one option of many

We are proud to present our face mask option, made here in New Zealand as part of the Lanaco community face mask initiative. We think they’re pretty great! 100% organic cotton, machine washable and with a replaceable HELIX.iso™ filter, these multi-functional filters harness the unique antimicrobial properties of New Zealand wool, and are class-leaders in capturing harmful air-borne particulate matter. Our masks start from $35 (including filter) and support not only our local fashion community but we've also been able to fund more than 20,000 meals to workers in India through our Meals for Migrants Partnership. Further information about this, and the situation migrant workers are currently facing, is in our blog post. 

Proud as we are of our product, however, we are aware that we are not the only producers of face masks in New Zealand and different masks are more suitable for different situations. We’re aware too that now, when our lives are locked down and our liberties curtailed for the common good, freedom of choice seems more important than ever before. It is in this spirit that we share with you information about where you can currently buy a variety of face masks. What’s more, we encourage anyone who has used any brand of face mask to leave a comment about their experience so as to support other readers in making informed decisions about how to protect themselves and others. 



Where to get face masks with filters

Little Yellow Bird 

Untouched World 

Hills Hats 

Kaus Hats

ETC Clothing


Earth Sea Sky

MEO Air 


Masks for Tauranga

Where to get masks without filters

Kind Face 

Annah Stretton 


Lux Baby NZ

Not Socks

Eco Moon Boutique 

Make your own

If you have the time you can easily make your own mask at home, there are heaps of online tutorials and patterns - we recommend this one here and have filters available here too.

Wearing masks right as we unite against Covid 19

In New Zealand wearing a face mask, or not, is up to each of us individually, and we hope this piece has been of some help to you in making up your mind. However, if you do decide to wear one, remember: to not touch it once it’s on, to wash or replace it after every use, and to wash your hands regularly. Doing this, along with ongoing social distancing as set out by the New Zealand Government, and continuing to be kind and accommodating to one another, will help to ensure that we are all as safe as possible in our journey together through these extraordinary times in which we find ourselves. Stay safe, stay well everybody. 

Samantha Jones

Samantha is the CEO and Founder of Little Yellow Bird and is an advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion. 

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